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What does your tongue say about you?

What does your tongue say about you?

Anyone visiting a traditional acupuncturist will know we ask you to stick your tongue out for a few seconds. We do this because the tongue gives us clues about what is happening inside your body. Skin can moisturised, hair can be conditioned and natural body odors are...

Post Herpetic Neuralgia

2012 has seen a stream of patients in the Norwich clinic suffering with Post Herpetic Neuralgia (PHN). After an attack of shingles / chicken pox (involving the herpes virus), the nerve involved can remain incredibly sensitive and continue to elicit pain for months....

Free acupuncture clinic Saturday 8th September.

The Complementary Health Care Clinic is hosting an entire open day dedicated to pain relief. All the therapists who routinely deal with pain will be there offering advice and assessments. This is an excellent chance to interact with therapists in a really hands on way...

Discover Acupuncture Fortnight

Two weeks of reduced rate acupuncture sessions from 6th August until 17th August. Discover Acupuncture Fortnight is all about trying something new. Nearly everyone is familiar with the term 'acupuncturist' these days, but do you actually know how we work? The word...

What to eat according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine we believe how you eat and live has a direct effect on your overall well being and stamina. We also think there is no one super diet that suits all people - by looking at your symptoms, body type and lifestyle we will suggest which of the Chinese...

Acupuncture and Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common – about four in five people are affected at some point in their lifetime. If you ever experienced it yourself, you will know just how frustrating it is – limiting your ability to perform the simplest of tasks. It’s no surprise really when...

What can you do to boost your fertility naturally?

Searching for the best foods to help you get pregnant can be incredibly confusing! Just a few minutes spent online and you will find a huge variety of do's and don'ts, some of which contradict each other - and others which involve strange new super-foods and...

Acupuncture Awareness Week – 27th Feb – 4th March.

To celebrate Acupuncture Awareness Week, The Complementary Health Care Clinic is offering half price acupuncture sessions to all new patients that week. To find out more please visit The British Acupuncture website. Many people are curious about acupuncture and are...

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