There are many fantastic acupuncture clinics in Norwich – but before booking your initial appointment, please take the time to do a bit of research.

Firstly – make sure your acupuncturist is registered with a governing body. This ensures the person performing the acupuncture must adhere to various professional codes of ethics and practice. These codes of practice are designed for you the patient, to make your experience of acupuncture as safe as possible. They distinguish between an acupuncturist who has completed training to degree level from someone who has done a few afternoons training. As yet the UK government has not made it mandatory for acupuncturists to join The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) – and although the vast majority do, there is a growing campaign to enforce this in the hope it will prevent some of the more serious side effects of acupuncture by unqualified therapists. Look for a member from one of the following four organisations.

Top of the list for traditional acupuncturists is The British Acupuncture Council. Click on these words to go straight to the BAcC website for a list of certified acupuncturists in Norwich. BAcC members are also able to carry out work for insurance companies so check to see if you have cover for acupuncture.
If they are a GP, physiotherapist or chiropractor using acupuncture then you can check they are registered within medical acupuncture by clicking here or here for the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.
There is also the Register of Chinese Medicine which has a register of Norwich acupuncturists here.

Secondly – look for specialisation and experience. Many acupuncturists will be clear on their websites about their areas of interest. You can also arrange a time to call us and discuss your case beforehand. If  I have not had much experience with a particular condition I will very happily refer onto another acupuncturist who has! I particularly enjoy seeing women for fertility related issues and also run a separate clinic for pain management. You will also find acupuncturists in Norwich who are particularly good with children, mental health problems and auto immune disorders for example.

Thirdly – think gender – acupuncture usually takes place in a one to one environment. You will often be lying down with restricted movement while the needles work their magic. We have a good balance of male and female acupuncturists in Norwich so take a moment to think if you would be more comfortable with one or the other.

Fourth – can you honestly commit to more than one acupuncture session? It is not an instant ‘cure’, acupuncture works with your body, gently nudging in towards good health. Although many people feel a benefit immediately, for others 2-4 sessions are required before an improvement on the original problem is detected. I personally never ask anyone to commit to more than 4 sessions without feeling a significant improvement.

Lastly – remember to bring details of current medication to your first appointment – some medications can affect blood clotting, and some conditions have to be approached with a little more caution. Blood pressure problems might mean your therapist chooses a different position for you to sit or lie in for example. Acupuncture has a very good track record in terms of patient safety. The majority of side effects are self limiting and considered minor – for example feeling light headed for a few moments after the session.

If you would like to know more about acupuncture please visit The British Acupuncture Council website by clicking here.