Fertility Support.

Kate is the co-founder of The Norwich Natural Fertility Partnership.  A programme bringing together Norwich’s most experienced fertility practitioners in the field of complementary medicine. She sees patients through this partnership and also independently using acupuncture.



Natural Fertility:

Kate works with each woman on a slightly different timetable depending on their natural menstrual cycle and underlying health conditions. For example, a woman with PCOS might visit the clinic more often in the first part of her cycle compared to others. There really is no ‘standard’ fertility package, as the key to getting the best out of each woman is to work with her natural rhythm rather than enforce a 28 day cycle upon her. Common worries such as age, ‘high FSH’ or ‘low AMH’ can – and have all lead to happy healthy pregnancies – given the right conditions! Acupuncture has a long history of being used for gynecological complaints, please visit the research page to see how acupuncture can affect pregnancy outcomes.

IVF / ICSI / IUI support:

The groundwork for all assisted reproductive techniques (ART) begins as soon as possible. Kate recommends you get booked in for a couple of sessions 3-6 months prior any medication. These initial sessions are to go through any previous IVF attempts and work out what can be improved on. You then have some time before IVF to implement these changes and get in shape. Kate then asks to see you again as your down regulation starts usually every two weeks, through the ‘stims’ and sometimes after egg collection and embryo transfer. IVF is a huge deal for each couple. It’s possibly the most important, stressful and expensive thing you’ve ever done together – and it’s worth taking a little bit of time and care over you physical and emotional health in preparation.

Pregnancy and childbirth preparation:

Kate safely works with women through all stages of pregnancy. 95% of fertility patients continue with acupuncture throughout their pregnancies.

Childbirth preparation acupuncture starts at 36 weeks, then again at 38 and 40 weeks. There are a set of acupuncture points forbidden during pregnancy – it is these we do in ‘acupuncture inductions’ – over 40 weeks. You can receive acupuncture around your due date providing baby is not breech and that you have no serious problems your midwife is concerned about. Most women need 2 sessions – so make sure you get in on time. Do not book your first appointment the day before your medical induction.

To find out more please contact Kate to discuss your individual needs.

Kate is an approved health care provider working in Norwich, Norfolk with many insurance companies including: Aviva, Buck and Willis Healthcare Ltd., Clinicare, C.S. Healthcare, Forester Health, HealthShield, SimplyHealth, HSF, Legal and General Healthcare, Medisure, Pinnacle PLC, Royal and Sun Alliance Healthcare and Assistance, Standard Life Healthcare, Sun Alliance Health Insurance, Westfield and WPA.


07535 957577 – please leave a voicemail if calling during clinic hours.

01603 555206 – reception for The Norwich Natural Fertility Partnership.


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