The Norwich Natural Fertility Partnership (NNFP)  is a collaboration between Kate McDougall – acupuncturist and Charlotte Evans – homeopath. Both have enjoyed success individually in the natural fertility field and have joined forces to provide an alternate path to IVF.

Sometimes IVF is the best way forward due to underlying complications in either partner, however often a couple are given no medical explanation in their struggle to conceive. NNFP is a different choice to assisted reproductive techniques (ART) whereby various complementary therapies are used in conjunction with one another to help each woman achieve her full fertility potential.

We work closely with each client – seeing them once, sometimes twice a week in 3 month blocks. As well as providing regular acupuncture and homeopathy, the programme depends on the willingness of each woman to implement change in her life – through diet, lifestyle and emotional well being. Since no two women are the same it stands to reason that no two women will receive exactly the same course of treatment through NNFP. Some may benefit from learning fertility awareness with Charlotte and decide to proceed with mineral hair analysis. Others may benefit from acupuncture targeted just prior to expected ovulation combined with homeopathy.

The Norwich Natural Fertility Partnership was formed in response to the demands from our previous clients. They asked for a comprehensive model of care that addressed all factors impacting on their fertility. They asked for greater communication between their individual therapists and they asked for a fertility plan that worked in harmony with their bodies rather than a simple shut down to control their reproductive hormones.

We believe every woman has the potential to carry a healthy baby to full term. Our aim is to help our clients achieve this dream.

The Norwich Natural Fertility Partnership runs from The Complementary Health Care Clinic, 34 Exchange Street, Norwich, 01603 665173.