The lovely Irina wrote the following about the quit smoking programme at out clinic!

Hypnosis has been proven to outperform all other methods to quit, helping you to feel great and look great as a healthy non smoker. Hypnotherapy combined with Acupuncture enormously increases rates of success further reducing symptoms of withdrawal.

Smoking as other addictions keeps the lid on a box of emotional issues, preventing the box from being opened. Smokers say that cigarettes help them to relax, avoid the pain, and gain a temporary sense of pleasure.

If you are trying to fight your addiction without understanding the root of it, you only may replace it with a ‘better’ dependency or come back to existing one in a few weeks, months or years when under pressure.

Benefit from the investment in YOU of only £290. The price includes:

• 1 hour of acupuncture

• 3 hours session of hypnotherapy

• 1 hour of acupuncture in the space of two weeks. PLUS a FREE further hour of Hypnotherapy if needed.

If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day you would save £91 a month (assuming that a packet of 20 costs £6, based on NHS smoking costs calculator), £1095 a year and £10950 in ten years. Giving up smoking 30 cigarettes a day saves you £274 a month, £3285 a year and £32850 in ten years. Imaging what can you do with all that money!

Imagine being healthier with your skin looking younger, having more energy, maximised lung capacity, improved smell, taste and increased mental wellbeing. What a freedom!

Most smokers describe smoking as an enjoyable escape from stress, intimate time with themselves and the easiest way to connect with other human beings in a social setting– smoking being a pleasure, not pain.

Every smoker possesses the niggling thought that it would be better to quit smoking one day soon, even if it is not a life & death question yet. Repeatedly doing something that you think is bad for you, makes the addiction much more harmful. Guilt is one of the strongest self-destroying emotions.

The simplest way to quit smoking is not to insert a cigarette in your mouth ever again. Nice and easy. In theory. The withdrawal symptoms, (I go crazy, stressed, irritable etc) and underlying reasons make this theory harder to enact.

On a physical level, when you introduce a new substance like nicotine into your body it’s a shock to the system. Then cells quickly make adjustments to align with the new substance and to compensate for its introduction. Those compensations or adjustments that the body has made, translate to you as a craving.

So if you restrain yourself from re-introducing the substance into the bloodstream for three consecutive days, then cells will balance themselves to natural well-being.

On a spiritual level what you are craving is the sensation of fullness of who you are flowing through you. The substances are a temporary fix for discomfort. As you can’t fight your way to peace, you need to find the underlying issue that keeps you from loving yourself, without the need of substances; otherwise you may replace it with a ‘better’ dependency. That is why some people put on weight after giving up smoking, replacing nicotine with food.

Hypnosis is a powerful, natural and effective tool for transforming you into a non-smoker. Most clients emerge from their hypnosis session permanently convinced in body and mind that they will never light up again.

The benefits of a hypnosis session if you have made the choice to become a non-smoker:

-you are guided through a process of discovery of the deeper issues that kept you so far from feeling good

– clearing trapped energy, removing patterns of habit

– assisting in relieving and/or completely eliminating withdrawal symptoms

– learning constructive and healthy relaxation methods to reduce stress

– reinforcing wellbeing and the positive feeling of success and empowering you to be free.

Hypnosis and acupuncture have no side effects beyond saving the money you used to spend on cigarettes, restoring health to your body, allowing you to feel absolutely amazing and be the best you can be.

This Unique Stop Smoking program is not only a highly effective method to quit smoking but also easy and effortless. Simply come to relax and enjoy yourself at the Complementary Health Care Clinic in the Norwich city centre to become a non-smoker. Contact the clinic now on 01603 665173 and we will talk you through the process and prepare to live your life smoking free. You can also email to [email protected] .