Electo-acupuncture in Norwich

Electro-acupuncture around the knee

Electro-acupuncture was first used around 1940-1950’s and has rapidly spread in popularity. I use it for pain related conditions – sciatica, lower back pain and arthritic knees to give some examples. The feeling of receiving electro-acupuncture is difficult to describe. My patients’ have called it ‘tapping’, ‘buzzing’ and ‘like a mobile phone vibrating next to the skin’. Regardless of how you perceive the sensation, it should always be at a level low enough to allow you to drift off while the needles and electricity do their job! Yes amazingly once it is on – you are left to relax  It is also used in fertility acupuncture on the lower abdomen to affect the tissues and blood supply. Although there is some debate as to which areas are to be avoided, many acupuncturists include electro-acupuncture on the head for neuralgia and similar disorders. My lovely mum allows me to use electro-acupuncture on her face regularly to help increase circulation to the facial skin – plumping it out and improving her complexion! Although I choose not to practice ‘facial rejuvenation’, there are several excellent acupuncturists in Norwich who do so it is something to consider before that face lift…..There are a few no-no’s for electro-acupuncture – Epilepsy and Pacemakers being the obvious, so make sure your therapist takes a full case history before plugging you in.