Here is a summary of the outcomes of female fertility clients seen in the last 18 months.

All maintained terms of treatment – regular acupuncture 2-3 times per month for up to 12 months.
All were with partners whose sperm sample came back within normal range.

The women themselves had a variety of underlying conditions – mainly hormone imbalances such as those found in PCOS, raised FSH and low AMH levels suggesting ovarian reserve was low. Some women were simply non-specified subfertile. Included are women who may have unsuccessfully undergone IVF treatment previously

None had been diagnosed with a blockage in either oviduct.

None were also using Clomid at time of acupuncture.


                                           Pregnancy rate           No pregnancy          Miscarriage rate
Women aged 35 and under               100%                            0%                             0%*
Women aged 36 and over                    50%                           50%                            0%*

*as far as is known. Most women continue with acupuncture throughout the 1st trimester.

Length of acupuncture treatment before positive pregnancy test ranged from 2 – 10 months.
Not included in this sample are women who started acupuncture but choose to discontinue for unknown reasons.

So the results look promising! I notice that the common link between all the woman who do fall pregnant whilst using acupuncture is their long term commitment to changing the environment within their body – They implement lifestyle and dietary changes that I suggest, they observe the changes in their menstruation and they stick to the regular acupuncture sessions. In short they take charge of their fertility and it is them – not the acupuncture who ultimately are responsible for their positive result.